Monday, June 28, 2010

Follando Con Una Niña

Cream Mary Kay ® Lip Gloss

This durable and faithful lipstick creamy and light texture glides on color impact that lasts. Also, do not run or cracked. It is enhanced with s derived vitamin E and vitamin C help pa ra to protect against free radic als that cause wrinkles. Y is enriched with emollients and hum ective, providing a protective layer against moisture loss. The l ápiz fragrance free lipstick and a touch d and vanilla is to merge with the Lip Liner Mary Kay ® and Lipgloss Mary Kay ® .

Any tone Q 120.00


Dusty Rose

This pastel pink petal is not only perfect for use all year round but can also cause beautiful print.

Pink Paradise

A sumptuous exotic tone with pink sparkles.


Beautiful fuchsia pink that is beautiful on any skin tone.

Pink Satin

A thin, delicate pink satin.

Pink Melon

A tone pink and dazzling tropical.

Pink Passion

A seductive and striking pink hue.


A tune with the beauty of the Hibiscus flower.


Pink Shimmer

A fully mauve fashion with high brightness.

Mocha Freeze

mocha tone just perfect with a dusting of glitter.

Sunlit Sand

The sand sparkling reflections are captured in this glamorous tone.

Copper Star

This tone is like a ray of bright full of golden sparkles.

Garnet Frost Rosado
precious sensational reflexes.


Whipped Berries
delicious and intense tones ripe berries with a frosty clear.

Apple Berry
The nuances of ripe berries and juicy apples combined in this cool tone.

Black Cherry

The perfect plum leaves a touch of color on your lips.

Berry Kiss

A tone that evokes the sweet succulence of fresh berries.


As fruit ready to harvest, the fresh berry tone was created to be assumed.



always is in fashion with this beautiful shade of hot pink.


This delicious and tempting caramel tone is irresistible.

Apricot Glaze

Slide on your lips the color of apricot with a soft touch of brightness.


This combines bold color tone of the delay and terracotta. Ideal for day or night.


A warm tone, delicate and quite natural.

Frosted Rose

kissable lips with a perfect shade of pink frosted.


A beautiful rich brown tone and warm to delight the lips.



Tan cinnamon and a delicious spicy gingerbread.

Downtown Brown

A rich cinnamon tone with touches of gold and spices .

Amber Suede

Reveal your sophisticated style with a sumptuous tone with amber.

Rich Cocoa

I love this color as warm as hot chocolate.

Hot Mocha

Let this warm and creamy tone turn your image.


The beautiful shades of bronze mixed with the warm hues of chocolate.



Give your lips the warm glow of a wonderful evening.


I love this color as warm as summer.

Sunny Citrus

gives birth to your image with this light-hearted as the sun.

Sweet Nectar

This versatile tone aduraznado hue is as smooth as honey.

Icy Peach

Juicy peach tone mixed with warm neutral tones to intense and rich nuance.



Color returns with classic beauty.

Salsa Red

A red tone of fun and youth involved in a color that never go out of style.


Red means Stop! This shade of red means Stop and Look at me!


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